Отпустить Ваши Ограничивающие Убеждения о Том, Что Возможно …

Похудеть, Стать Здоровой, Легко делать Физические Упражнения, улучшить Внешний Вид

путем изменения Вашей Подсознательной Системы Убеждений и  Увеличения Самооценки  …

Начинаем СЕЙЧАС

Claim better health, fitness, and beauty right now by changing your belief system and getting higher self-esteem with Erika Awakening

Привет, с вами Варвара Семенихина и, если вы также, как и большинство женщин стремитесь стать стройной, здоровой и выглядеть красивее… Возможно, вы не чувствуете в себе сил и мотивации для этого.  Или хотите скинуть лишь несколько килограмм…или даже МНОГО килограмм. А может, вам не нравится состояние вашего здоровья, которое не поддается обычному лечению. И быть может, вы уже оставили мысли о том, чтобы то тело, которое вы давным ДАВНО желаете.

Вы даже пробовали уже простукивание на похудение и выздоровление без тех результатов, которые бы вы хотели =(

Большинство людей живут в тихом отчаянии от невозможности что то изменить в темах похудения, здоровья и красоты. Теперь у вас есть выбор.

Позвольте задать несколько вопросов:

 Пробовали ли вы худеть, делать физические упражнения, лечить заболевания, но вам не хватало на это мотивации и сил?

 Страдаете ли вы из- за заниженной самооценки и не любви к своему телу?

Оставили ли вы уже идею иметь такое тело, которое давным давно желаете и НЕНАВИДИТЕ иногда ваше тело, какое оно сейчас есть?

 Устали ли Are you tired of having low energy and feeling helpless to do anything about it?

Have you struggled to lose those “last few extra pounds”?

 Do you feel resigned that you body and appearance and health will probably decline over time?

 Would you love to feel better about your body, raise your self-esteem, and discover new solutions to your health, fitness, and beauty problems?

Then this revolutionary and life-changing EFT tapping video product, the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge (Part 1- the first 30 days), is for you …

The most powerful EFT Tapping for Weight Loss product on the market … and you can use these home-study streaming videos right from the comfort of home and still get great results.

To purchase this product now, go here:

During this 30-Day virtual video bootcamp, we will be targeting your limiting beliefs and fears and insecurities about health, fitness, and beauty. As we erase these limiting beliefs, you will begin to feel better about your body. You may notice that new solutions begin to appear for your health problems. And you will feel more motivated to be active and healthy.

Here’s my first big miracle from this program:  While I was recording the early videos for this product and my Eternal Youth Challenge, my doctor suggested a medical procedure to me that he has been performing for years but had never even mentioned before. I then tailored the videos toward the end of this Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge (Part 1) to clear fears about medical procedures and set high expectations for great results. After a very simple procedure, I am now feeling energy levels that I’ve never experienced in my entire life.  My circulation is better, so my skin is also healing faster.  Imagine you had been living with an invisible ball and chain around your energy levels and suddenly one day it is GONE. That’s how fast your life can change when you get empowered and release your limiting beliefs.

Here’s my second big miracle from this program: I lost 15 pounds without being on a diet and without trying. And then my customers started reporting their weight loss also: 18 pounds, 11 pounds, 6.5 pounds … yes this is what EFT Tapping for Weight Loss was MEANT TO BE – EASY.

Here are before and after photos of Erika Awakening and one of her private clients who used this method to lose weight and get fit:

Lose weight with Erika Awakening

Lose weight with Erika Awakening

Of course, everyone’s results in this program will be different and your results will vary based on your situation and your level of commitment to the program. Nothing in this product or my website should be construed as medical advice. Consult your health professionals about medical issues. Nonetheless, this is an example of how a solution to our health, fitness, and beauty problems may be sitting right in front of us. The answer is right in front of us, and we are not seeing it because our limiting beliefs are like BLINDERS, blinding us to the truth.

To purchase this product now, go here:


The Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge (Part 1- the First 30 Days) is excellent for helping you meet the following goals:

 Becoming more motivated with your health, fitness, and beauty efforts

 Raising your self-esteem so that you take better care of your body

 Feeling better about your body and improving your body image

 Letting go of fear about health, fitness, and beauty issues

 Releasing limiting beliefs so that it is easier to see the solutions that may be sitting right in front of you (as it was for me)

You will receive instant access to 30 powerful EFT tapping for weight loss, health, and fitness videos. These home-study streaming videos will radically empower you in the areas of Health, Fitness, and Beauty. So get started today – you will be so happy to see how quickly you feel better when you tap along to these Health, Fitness & Beauty EFT tapping videos with Erika Awakening.


To encourage your full commitment, all Erika Awakening products are non-refundable. All purchases on this website are subject to the terms and conditions of this site (read more here), AND this product is going DEEP into your subconscious mind – remember that you are always 100% responsible for your own health, safety, and choices. Thank you.

Day 1 – Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to reclaim your the Health, Fitness & Beauty that is your BIRTHRIGHT? :) Then you are in the right place, because that is what we will begin to accomplish over the next 30 days.

In this video, Erika Awakening introduces the 30-Day Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge and we get straight to some tapping to warm you up for the next 30 days …

Day 2 – When You Don’t Like Your Body

Do you have negative self-talk when it comes to your body? Sometimes we don’t realize that thinking negative thoughts about our body actually makes things worse. Int his video, we get started releasing this negativity so you can begin to have a better relationship with your body.

Tap along with Erika to let go of not liking your body and notice that you start feeling better already!

Day 3 – Letting Go of the Belief that “It’s Not Possible” to Change Your Body With EFT Tapping

Many people do not even bother tapping about their health, fitness, and beauty issues because they do not really believe it is possible to change anything with EFT tapping. This Erika Awakening video will help us remove this preliminary block so that the remaining videos in the program will be more powerful. You will feel less resistance and more commitment immediately.

Day 4 – Releasing Yourself from Self-Punishment Through the Body

Many people do not realize that they use their bodies to punish themselves. The mind-body connection is very powerful. Even chronic health conditions can be a subtle form of self-punishment.

In this video, tap along with Erika Awakening to release yourself from self-punishment through the body so you can reclaim your ideal health, fitness, and beauty now.

Day 5 – Clearing Concern About the Financial Costs of Optimal Health, Fitness & Beauty

We are very practical in our Erika Awakening video products. Let’s face it, having optimal health, fitness, and beauty can be EXPENSIVE. You may need a lot of money if you wish to have the best possible health, fitness, and beauty. In this EFT tapping video, tap along with Erika Awakening to clear confusion and fear about how much it may cost you to get the procedures and trainers and supplies you need to improve your health, fitness, and beauty. You will experience greater peace of mind and confidence that the money is coming to you after you follow along in this video.

You can purchase the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge (Part 1- the first 30 days) here:

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